Most people would consider travel insurance an essential part of any trip, but what about when it comes to one of the most important events of our lives, our wedding? When we imagine our special day, perhaps we’re so blissfully fixated on the promise of a once-in-a-lifetime romantic whirlwind, that there’s no brain space left for the potential of disaster. It’s an unfortunate reality that accidents can and do happen, but instead of fearing it, you can have measures in place that will make you feel more at ease.

We can all think of at least one travel horror story that had made us realise the importance of being covered; we wouldn’t risk our health, safety and travel experience for the sake of saving a few dollars on our next trip. For the same reason, many couples are opting to put the same protection into their wedding plans.

Your wedding is not only a celebration but an investment you make- and it’s likely you wouldn’t consider a $30,000 plus investment without first protecting yourself. A close member of the family is hospitalised just before the big day and you have to postpone? They have your back. Your wedding band or DJ is a no-show, the flowers aren’t ready in time, or the photographer has lost your images? They can cover for that. Thunderstorms suddenly forecast to ruin your beach wedding? Your dad got a bit carried away and now the venue has to replace the table he was dancing on? They’ve got this. They just can’t save you from cold feet haha!

Insurance may not be the most romantic part of your wedding plans, but just like your travel insurance, it’s there to help you fully relax and embrace the experience without worrying so much about what you can’t control. For one of the most important days of your life, the extra contribution is comparatively small, starting from $200. Take note that it’s not just about peace of mind on the day, but for the time surrounding it as well. You can choose to protect yourself from 18months before the wedding to 30 days before the big event, plus the option to cover the honeymoon is a huge bonus!

Even a bridezilla can’t control the uncontrollable, but by having a safety net, you can put your focus on what really matters – having the wedding you always dreamed of!

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